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We welcome all submissions to the guide.  If you have information on dog breeds we don't have listed or additional information, photos or corrections for breeds already listed, please send it to us using the Submit Breed Information page.

Welcome to the Who's Ya Doggy? Dog Breed Guide

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If you would like to submit information about a breed that is not yet included in the guide, or suggest additional information or changes to a breed already included, please send us as much information as you can using the form on this page.

We also love to receive quality photos of dog breeds.  We plan to expand the guide to include as many photos as possible of each breed.  If you would like your dog to be included and have a great photo of him or her, please send it to us!

When submitting photos, please make sure that the photos either belong to you and you are happy for Who's Ya Doggy? to use them, or that they are confirmed as being in the public domain.  Please do not send copyrighted photos, or photos for which the copyright is uncertain.

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