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Welcome to the Who's Ya Doggy? Dog Breed Guide

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Growth of a Groodle/Goldendoodle from Puppy to Adult

This page is all about Bonnie, Who's Ya Doggy?'s number one dog!  Yes, she's the Who's Ya Doggy? doggy, a lovely Groodle from New South Wales in Australia.

Bonnie is 50% Golden Retriever (dam) and 50% Standard Poodle (sire).  Here are her parents...

Bonnie's Mother
Bonnie's Father

...and here is Bonnie at 2.5 weeks

Bonnie at 2.5 weeks
Bonnie at 4.5 weeks

...at 4.5 weeks

...at 6 weeks

Bonnie at 6 weeks
Bonnie at 6 weeks

At this age she had short, straight fur, with no sign of curl nor any Groodle beard.  Her fur was very soft.  She looked a lot like a Golden Retriever puppy, but with a finer muzzle.

Her siblings included...

  • A sandy-coloured female that looked quite Poodlish - fine-boned and with slight waves all over.
  • A golden-coloured female that looked almost exactly like a purebred Golden Retriever, with a broad head and muzzle.
  • Three black males with thick, wavy Groodle coats and beards.

Here's Bonnie at 7.5 weeks, pottering about in the garden.  She had a quiet confidence; not bold, just happy and friendly.

Bonnie at 7.5 weeks
Bonnie at 8 weeks

8 weeks and growing fast!

A favourite hidey hole.

Bonnie at 8 weeks
Bonnie at 8 weeks

Napping in the puppy pen.

At 9 weeks she's developing a bit more fluff...

Bonnie at 9 weeks
Bonnie at 9 weeks

...and manages to look lanky at the same time as having a head that's too big for her body.  Too cute!

Growing is tiring!  10 weeks old.  Her fur is still fine and straight.

Bonnie at 10 weeks

This video shows her growing quickly from 7 to 10 weeks of age.  At the end she's opening her Christmas present.

11.5 weeks old.  After a swimming lesson, she's gazing out at the afternoon sun.

Bonnie at 11.5 weeks
Bonnie at 12 weeks

At 12 weeks she's sporting the classic lanky youngster look.  Interestingly, her fluff has flattened and she has a short, soft, even coat.

Those legs are really growing!

Bonnie at 12 weeks
Bonnie at 13 weeks

13 weeks.  What a pretty girl!  Oh my, what big paws you have.

14 weeks and fully embracing that awkward stage!

She was growing so fast at this point that everyone was oohing and ahhing about how big she was likely to get.  This was the most Poodlish she ever looked.

Bonnie at 14 weeks
Bonnie at 14 weeks

Also at 14 weeks, you can see some changes in her coat; waves are developing along her back.

Age 4 months.  Suddenly, a tufty bit on her rear end!  This fur is coarser than the rest.

Bonnie at 4 months
Bonnie at 4 months

It quickly developed into a full parting down her back.  A bit of feathering can be seen developing on her tail as well, which had been a thin rat tail until then.

By 4.5 months the fur on her back and shoulders is getting longer and having an adventure all of its own...

Bonnie at 4.5 months
Bonnie at 4.5 months

...and check out those ears!  Love that crimping - so far, the only confirmation that her Poodle father was involved in her creation at all!  The fur around her ears, face and neck is very soft.

5 months old.  What a pretty face!

Bonnie at 5 months
Bonnie at 5 months
Bonnie at 5.5 months

5.5 months and developing into a fine young lady.  The fur on her back is calming down but more waves, swirls and denser fur are appearing elsewhere.  Her tail is continuing to feather up.

Her overall growth is starting to plateau.  By this point she had finished teething but was still addicted to chewing, with palm wood being a favourite.

By 7 months old her chewing habit was taking her into dangerous territory.

Bonnie at 7 months

At this age there was still no sign of any Groodle beard developing - no upside down V shape on her muzzle.  Unlike some breeders who have written extensively online that "All first generation (F1 or 50:50) Goldendoodles end up with shaggy coats and beards", so far this looks like it won't be true for Bonnie.

Her coat is flat by Groodle definitions, despite being F1.  However, it's lovely and full, dense and soft - which is good because she gets lots of cuddles.  It also did not get lighter with age, as the same authors attest, but instead slightly darker.

Up until this point she has been almost non-shedding and almost dog odor-free.  We are thrilled about that!

Bonnie at 8 months

8 months old.  Gasp!  What's this?  Fur everywhere!  Our house looks like a snow field and every black item of clothing is unwearable.  I swear she is projectile shedding.

Is our non-shedding/low-shedding dog transforming into a heavy shedder, commensurate with her Golden Retriever looks?!  Nooooooooo!

9 months old.  At this point she had long waves of fur in a few odd places like her withers and bum, and short, straight fur on her flanks.

She looked quite odd actually, and was still shedding - grrrr!  We were hoping it was just a coat change.

Bonnie at 9 months
Bonnie at 9 months

Her ear crimps were reducing.

10 months old.  The shedding lasted about 8 weeks then, thanks to the God of Dog Genes, she was back to almost no shedding.  Phew!

So even though she looks very Golden Retriever-like, she has grown up to have almost no doggy odour and loses barley a whisper of fur.  We are thrilled!

Here she is in a series of silly moments...

Bonnie at 11 months

11 months, almost grown up, and still doing a pretty good impersonation of a Golden Retriever.  Only the slimness of her face and the spring in her step gave her away as having any Poodle genes.

She definitely has no Groodle beard or shagginess - not even a hint.  She also did not get as big as people were predicting, reaching about 30kg at 11 months.

She developed a splendid fully feathered tail.

Bonnie at 11 months
Bonnie at 11 months

The fur on her flanks suddenly started filling out at this age, with more swirls, direction changes and cowlicks developing every week, until she became quite fluffy and very cute.

Her coat by now was closer to being one length all over, which looked much more sensible than a few weeks earlier.  Essentially she has a medium length, dense, soft, silky, low-shedding coat that does not require clipping - yay!

Her skin is healthy too - no problems at all.  We feed mostly raw and avoid over-vaccinating, so hopefully she won't have any allergic issues.

What we are the most thrilled about, though, is her personality.  She is beyond delightful - happy, bouncy, playful, humble, well behaved, tolerant, loves everyone, very waggy and sharp as a whip - her vocabulary of words and phrases exceeded 80 by age 11 months.  She knows to grumble, not bark, to be let in.  She can find all of her family members and toys by name.  She sits, lies down, stays, shakes hands, waves, comes, plays hide and seek, does yoga (downward dog!), fetches toys, leaves objects, drops objects, settles down, waits in front of her dinner bowl, cuddles, goes to bed when told and only barks when something seems important.  We feel as though we've been blessed with the perfect child!

We did put a lot of time and effort into training and raising her, I should point out; this did not happen by accident.  However, we do feel that a strong foundation was there in her breeding, as well as in the care taken by the breeders in her first weeks of life.  Bonnie has both the gentle charm of the Golden Retriever and the spark and bounce of the Poodle.  She really is an absolute delight.

So, provided they are well bred, we can highly recommend Groodles/Goldendoodles to anyone seeking a very affable, responsive, lovable domestic dog.

Bonnie at 11 months

We also think that Groodle is a better name than Goldendoodle, so encourage conversion to Groodle as the universal name for this crossbreed.  I mean really, imagine going to puppy school and having to say "I'm a Golden Doodle".  All the other puppies will snicker.  Just imagine the teasing!

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