Welcome to the Who's Ya Doggy? Dog Breed Guide

It appears this is your first visit to our Dog Breed Guide, or perhaps you haven't visited us for some time, so we'd like to welcome you to our site.  We hope you find the guide useful.

To get the most out of the guide we recommend reading the How to Use the Dog Breed Guide page and the Frequently Asked Questions page.  The site is being improved and updated constantly, so frequent users may benefit from visiting these pages from time to time.

We welcome all submissions to the guide.  If you have information on dog breeds we don't have listed or additional information, photos or corrections for breeds already listed, please send it to us using the Submit Breed Information page.

Welcome to the Who's Ya Doggy? Dog Breed Guide

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About Who's Ya Doggy?

Who's Ya Doggy? is brought to you by a group of dog lovers.  There are two main sections...

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The Dog Breed Guide is an amazing interactive tool for learning about hundreds of dog breeds.  Whilst there has always been a comprehensive dog breed guide on Who's Ya Doggy?, this new guide is a fantastic leap forward and replaces our old charts.

The new Dog Breed Guide is a remarkable piece of technology that enables you to sort and display hundreds of breeds in all kinds of fascinating ways, at the click of a button.  It's the best you'll find anywhere on the internet and it's free to use!

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The Lost & Found Dogs Online service has been helping to reunite lost dogs with their owners across America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand since 2006.  It's also free to use.

Lost & Found Dogs Online runs on an older platform, so it looks a little different from these pages.  It will be updated in the future and blended into this newer format.

Who's Ya Doggy? is staffed entirely by volunteers and funded out of our own pockets, so please help us to keep kibble (or raw meaty bones) in our bowls by donating anything you can.  There's a Donate button towards the top right of most pages on the site, as well as on most pages on the Lost & Found Dogs Online site.  Thank you!  Wag!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit the FAQ page or contact us using the form on this page.

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