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Welcome to the Who's Ya Doggy? Dog Breed Guide

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Dog Breed Guide by Who's Ya Doggy?

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Do you want to learn about hundreds of dog breeds - their personalities, intelligence level, exercise needs, shedding, barking and more?

Who's Ya Doggy's ingenious dog breed guide helps you find the perfect dog for you, with just a few clicks.  Choose the traits you are interested in - size, coat type, aggression level, doggy odor, trainability and many other characteristics - and the dog breed guide instantly sorts through hundreds of breeds to find dogs that meet your criteria.

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Famous dog breeds

There are hundreds of quality dog photos too, from popular purebreds like German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors and Golden Retrievers, to rare pedigrees like the Chinese Crested, Hungarian Puli and Leonberger, and popular designer mixed breeds like Labradoodles, Cavoodles and Groodles.

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